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Take Advantage of your VA Benefits!
With a VA Home Loans for active or military veterans in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Why get a VA Streamline Refinance Loan?   

It's simple ... Lower Rates. Lower Payments. No Appraisal, and NO mortgage insurance!

If you have an existing VA home loan, joint the thousands of people who are refinancing their existing VA Loan to today's low interest rates. We can help you save money for homes in MN, WI, or SD.

The VA Streamline Refinance, also known officially as the VA Interest rate Reduction refinance Loan ( IRRRL), is streamlined in the fact that most people DO NOT need an appraisal, and the documents required to refinance are generally reduced.  Less paperwork, no appraisal??  How cool is that?

Refinance Funding Fee

A VA streamline refinance, just like when you bought your home with a VA loan, does have a funding fee. The fee for a VA streamline refinance is just .50% of the loan amount - significantly lower than the fee when you bought the home.  Just like purchasing with a VA loan, if you have at least a 10% VA disability, the VA funding fee is waived.

VA Refinance Credit Report and Qualifications

fha streamline refinance ratesA VA streamline refinance is a new loan, and not a modification of your existing loan.  Therefore the lender is still going to want to see OK or better credit, and an on time payment history of at least 12 months. Generally we verify you have a job, but we don't verify income.

VA Refinance Closing Costs

All mortgage loans have closing costs. The VA refinance is a bit cheaper, because we don't need things like an appraisal. You can pay the closing costs out of pocket, but as the loan allows you to roll the costs into the loan, most people are able to refinance with little to no out-of-pock costs.  BEWARE of anyone claiming "no closing costs". They are just rolling them into the loan like everyone else, but trying to fool you.  You are too smart for that...  Pick someone else!

VA Refinance vs Other Mortgage Loan Options


Ready to start saving? Cambria Mortgage is a MN based direct lender.  We will originate, underwrite, fund, and close your VA loan.  We live and work in this area, and that sure beats some bit out-state VA lender on the internet.

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